Open Source Trauma Registry
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Originally developed for collection of trauma data during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom for the U.S. Army Medical Department, this software suite was used to collect trauma data for the purpose of analysis. The software includes a data collection application, server application, and a web-based interface.

The data collection application is written in Java, designed to be portable on Windows, Apple, Unix, or Linux workstations or laptops. The application encrypts all protected health information, in storage or during transfer. The application permits users to collect data without being connected to a network and later upload collected data to a specified server.

The server application component intercepts incoming encrypted data from the collection application, decrypts it, and stores it in a database. Build scripts are also provided for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. Finally, PHP scripts are provided to interface with the database. Again, the scripts are cross-platform compatible. The web-based front end can reside on Windows, Apple, Unix, or Linux. However, a web server must be installed and configured to use PHP.

Documentation is provided to configure and install PHP on Apache, using Oracle as the database. Though much technical documentation is provided, an information technology specialist would be required to install and configure the environment. Furthermore, users should be aware of all applicable laws pertaining to the collection and storage of medical data. The developers of this product do not provide any warranty regarding its use.

Web Collection App: Patient Information Collection Screen

Web Collection App: Coding Screen

Dynamic Web Reporting

Java Collection App: Main Menu

Java Collection App: Patient Information Collection Screen

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